Lawson Pre-Treat Zoom-AE

All-Electric, industrial, state-of-the-art pretreat application sprayer. Pretreat garments quickly, easily and consistently at the touch of a button - with zero "out-spray"

This pre-treat unit saves space and features an instant twist on/off spray nozzle that can be changed in seconds. In addition, the length of spray is easy to adjust and maintenance is very simple.

The Lawson Zoom-AE is an all electric operated unit. It is ideal for basic to sophisticated spraying of pre-treat solution. Just pull out the drawer, load the shirt and push the start button.

Standard Size:
Model #1620


Reasons to Own a Lawson Pre-Treat Zoom-AE

  • Protected Components: All Drive Components are protected from the pretreat spray - all drive components are located outside of the spray chamber!
  • A Machine Built by an Industry Leader: The Lawson Zoom-AE is manfactured, backed and serviced by Lawson Screen & Digital Products. We've been serving the industry since 1949 and have been honored with every SGIA Award offered...including the Parmale Award for service and innovation.
  • Simple and Easy to Use - Peace of Mind: The Lawson Peace of Mind Warranty comes with every Zoom and we guarantee your satisfaction - or your money back!
  • Consistancy: The Zoom-AE will apply any pretreat solution with total accuracy and absolute consistancy. You will also use far less pretreat solution than by spraying by hand.
  • Speed: Automatic application of pretreat solution, can quadruple your production instantly. Pretreat most items in less than 10 seconds - and many items in only 7 seconds!
  • Quality Prints: The Lawson Zoom-AE sprays the perfect amount of pre-treatment every time, on every garment so you get quality direct-to-garment prints, every time, every day. For superior looking prints, you need a consistant pretreat method - and spraying by hand can rarely accomplish this.
  • Common Parts: The Zoom-AE uses common parts, so your long-term costs are minimized and maintenance is easy to do yourself.
  • Free Training: Although training is not necessary, you are welcome to train at our state-of-the-art screen and digital facility in St. Louis for free. A comprehensive Instruction Manual, loaded with "how-to" photos is included.
  • A Warranty by an Industry Leader: The Lawson Zoom-AE is supported by a complete 1 year parts, bumper-to-bumper, warranty (nozzles/tips and filters excluded) and Lawson's exclusive 24 hour support hot-line.
  • Not a Toy: Some of our competitor's sprayers, are flimsy, light-weight, and look like a cheap toy. Remember, "if it looks like a toy, it is a toy".

The Lawson Zoom-AE is easy to set-up and move around. Apply your pretreatment near your direct-to-garment printer, or anywhere that is convienent - there is zero out-spray.

Every Lawson Pre-Treat comes with a 1 year parts warranty (excluding tips/nozzles) and free tech phone and web support. Superior design, easy-of-use, quality, consistency, and speed are incorporated in to every Pre-Treat offered by Lawson.

Every Lawson Zoom-AE comes with a complete 1 year parts warranty and free tech phone and web support. Quality, consistency, and speed are incorporated in to every Zoom-AE sold by Lawson.

The Lawson Zoom-AE will pay for itself by increasing production efficiency, decreased waste, enhanced print quality and in saving realized from using far less pretreat solution. Remember, you're not just going to have to devote less time pretreating, you're also going to get the quality, consistency, and speed that come with every Zoom-AE sprayer.

Images of the Lawson Pre-Treat Zoom-AE

Lawson Pre-Treat Vertical Pretreatment Sprayer - Loaded with a T-Shirt

Drawer extended and open (ready to load a new shirt or remove a sprayed shirt).

Lawson Pre-Treat Vertical Pretreatment Sprayer - Closed, loaded with a T-shirt

Side View
Notice the two (2) 1 gallon size fluid containers.

Typically 1 container is used for pretreat solution, and the other container for distilled water, for purging.

However, if you so desire, you can use the second container for an additional pretreat solution if you desire.

Lawson Pre-Treat Vertical Pretreatment Sprayer - Control Panel

View of the spray chamber from the side with the access doors folded down.